Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snowy December

Considering the winter season started out so slow December has been quite the snowy month. On 18/12/12 I was able to get out in the Whistler back country with a couple of friends. Hopefully this is just the beginning on another insane season in Whistler.

las montañas Jake_1 Josh Dropping in Josh bombing Josh ripping Jake Sled 1 Jake Sled 2 Jake Sled 3 Jake Sled 4 Twinning

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dance to dis...!

Look At You Look At You

OMG Lyke it's totally my birthday on Thurday...! for my "party" I think I'm gonna get as many people as possible to go see Felix Cartel on Saturday night. Saturdays are great nights to party... And even as the current weekend is coming to a close I remember how great of a weekend it was! Full of well... Partying! ha. On more than one level. Homeboy Zack had a birthday party. Taylor and I had parties of our own... Good times. Okay, so anyway I'm gonna leave ya'll with a bootleg remix of Britney Spears... by none other than Felix Cartel. It might be time to start thinking bout' next weekend!


I Wanna Go (Felix Cartal Bootleg Remix) by FELIX CARTAL

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Super Quick Blog Post...

Well for all of my 4 followers... here is a super quick blog post.

I've been living back in Calgary for the past 3 weeks. WOW, didn't ever think that would happen. It's the slow season right now in Whistler so not much is happening out there as far as jobs go. Also the weather has been a bit of a bummer all summer long so I'm thankful to be following the sun. Monday I started a job working in a welding shop. I'll be working there for the next few month to save up money for the winter season. My summer thus far has been filled with California beaches and sun so joining the workforce again isn't so bad... To be honest, it's kinda nice to work hard. On some level it feels good inside. My buddy Taylor said, "There's something noble about just working hard no matter what that job is..." I think he's right, compared to what I'm used to, my job is could seem like a step backwards but at the end of the day work, is work. And working hard feels good. I had a dream that I had huge biceps and I was flexing them for everyone to see, so maybe that dream will come true. I kinda hope it does.

Anyway, I've had this life motto ever since my buddy Willy Branlund coined it a few years back and that motto is "God and Art". I don't really know why I like it so much but I think it's simplicity is what attracted me to it. I feel that I've been called to live a simple life. Kinda... Well, simple in some ways, not so simple in others. But as far as life pursuits go I want to pursue those two things. Hopefully it will be a noble pursuit at that! HA! But just for the record I also want a wife and kids... I'm getting uber jealous of my brother and his rad little boy. But back to my point... the point of this whole post is that I wanted it to be a super quick one.... so there you go. Super quick blog post. Done and done.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Well, I know it's been a while...

Okay, so I know that it's rare that I update my blog but today seemed like a good day to post something. Life on the west coast of British Columbia has been amazing, great things are taking place here. One in particular is the warm spring air that is upon us. April and May were cold cloudy months and now with the warm weather that's slowly creeping up on us my heart is coming alive. Not gonna lie, I already miss snowboarding but summer is coming and that's something to be thankful for. Enjoy every season in life I guess... Oh and the Canucks are playing in game 5 tonight... Hopefully they can pull some magic out of their ass and bring the cup back to Canada. I will leave you guys with some heart warming photo's I've taken over the last few weeks...








Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ear Milk...


Been getting super jazzed on this band Foster the People. I first heard the song "Pumped up Kicks" about 8 months ago. To be totally honest I liked the song but I was never inspired to dig deeper and check out the band. A couple days ago I heard the song Helena Beat and I got hooked! They released an EP earlier this year with three songs... the three songs I've been listening to for the last four hours... shit, this is good. I'm going to listen to it till I'm sick of it and you can to! I present to you: Foster the People!


Foster The People - Houdini by thediscoverialist

Foster The People - Helena Beat by Pretty Much Amazing

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks by I HEART NEW YORK

Monday, December 27, 2010

Guest holiday post from my mother... Take it away Mom!

The front door is left unlocked and nightly, I hear it squeak open in the wee hours. This is followed by a familiar tread up the stairs and the light goes on briefly in the bathroom followed by the slam of two bedroom doors. I roll over and fall deeply asleep. Ben is home for the holidays and I am enjoying the almost forgotten rhythm of life with him at home. My world for a few days will be a busier but happier place.
If I am fortunate, the urge to cook will overpower Ben and he will treat us to a gastronomic delight. Nothing better than a warm kitchen, redolent with the fragrance of some savory dish accompanied Ben's comments on my cooking abilities (or sad lack there of) and my uneducated palate. However, this is why one has children, to open up one's world to unforeseen possibilities, places and previously undetected areas requiring polish.
Also, if I am fortunate, the opportunity will arise to have conversation with Ben. One of the things that warms my heart and feeds my spirit is such dialogue. I can count on a different perspective that will give me much to mull over. A man of many insights is this son of my heart. A man of the question. And perhaps along the way, he just may push a button or two.
So, while I may find a coat or two on the floor, a topsy turvey bedroom, crumbs on the counter, leftovers vanishing, and perhaps receive a noogie or two while preparing dinner, I know I can count on hearing "Mom" being bellowed down the stairs for a few more days and I am content.
So nice to have you home Ben, you bring laughter with you.
.....and for what it's's your hair....dread it if you want.

Mom And I!